The PGC organizes several Regular Social Events, as well as Advocacy Events when necessary. A list of these events can be found below.

Regular Social Events

  • Biweekly Happy Hour + Informal Talk
  • Online Coffee Hour (during COVID-19)
  • Annual Halloween Party
  • Annual Summer BBQ
  • Welcome Trivia Event

Recent Advocacy Events 

  • Summer funding town hall 
  • Black Lives Matter Town Hall
  • Mental Health Town Hall

In addition to these events organized by the PGC, there are other events organized by the Physics Department and/or Spectra that include but are not limited to:

  • Daily coffee hour
  • Pupin holiday Party 
  • Nevis Retreat 
  • Spectra annual liquid nitrogen ice cream study break
  • Spectra movie nights
  • Spectra lunches with faculty

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There are no events to show.

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